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Live in Toronto 2006


Anonymous said...

Excellent site! Your posted concerts are right up my alley. Wondering if this Donald Fagen show has Wayne Krantz playing guitar?

Also, anything with Bill Frisell would be much appreciated.

Many thanks!

Elastic Rock said...

Sorry, no informations found regarding musicians here. Bill Frisell will come if some R.O.I.O. will be available.
Elastic Rock

Anonymous said...

Just stumbled on your blog, awesome stuff. Great music.


Anonymous said...

Audience recording?

Anonymous said...

This sounds friggin' great! Probably too good to be an audience recording.

Herington and Krantz on guitars.

Anonymous said...

fab quality thanx ever so much

Anonymous said...

This may be of use and thanx again.

The group consisted of two guitarists (Wayne Krantz and Jon Herington), a second keyboardist (Jeff Young, who also sang backup), two backup vocalists (Cindy Mizelle and Carolyn Leonhart), saxophone (Walt Weiskopf), trumpet (Mike Leonhart), drums (Keith Carlock) and bass guitar (Freddie Washington)—and, at centre stage, the bandleader DF.