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BBC Sessions 1971-73


Anonymous said...

Bravo to the power 10!

As luck would have it, he first edition of John Peel's Top Gear I ever listened to was the Rockortunity knocks contest. I was 14 and therefore particularly pliant & susceptible. The 4 things I remember most were Peel's dry wit, the first track he played (The Pretty Thing's "Summertime" -still an all-time favourite) and two contestants in the aforementioned Rocknock -a combo called Reginald? of I whom have heard nothing of since and the even more ridiculously-monickered Henry Cow. To say their music was a revelation would be putting it mildly. It was perhaps the single most transformative experience in my musical education. I listened, captivated, to all the subsequent broadcasts but lacked the technological wherewithal to capture them for posterity. I'd long given up any hope of ever hearing them again.

Even when I came to London to work for Recommended Records and made the acquaintance of Chris Cutler, I was never given the opportunity to re-create those adolescent thrills (understandable given Chris's refusal to wallow in anything that could possibly construed as nostalgia).

I'd more or less given up on ever hearing them again until a serendipitous accident brought me to your web site.

I satarted downloadingbefore you could say "rightclick".

My tears of joy at finding this download were tempered by an almost as intense feeling of apprehension -could the cold objective reality match the rosy glow of my long-ago memories. After initial disquiet at the less than hi fidelity, I relaxed. Yes it was as good -better in some ways and the hairs on my neck stood up when I realised the piano section towards the end of "Guider" would later form the basis of "Kew.Rhone".

Truly magical stuff. Regard me as being forever you debtor sir!

Now if only there's some way of getting the final "Unrest" era session where "Ruins" appears as "Pigeons".......

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much!!!