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Live at Fairfield Halls, Croydon, UK, December 3, 1972


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately there aren't files to download... :o(

Elastic Rock said...

The link is alive and kickin'. Try it again.

SM said...

Track 10 is actually "Drop". I'm surprised they even played this tune this late. I mean, this show was after recording of live disk of "Six Album" and there, "All White" was the sole oldie, so I figured the other Fifth stuff was dropped by then. But "Drop" hadn't been dropped yet.

Anonymous said...

@SM: actually, on another '72 recording, you can hear them play not only "All White" and "Drop", but they even play "MC", "As if" and, amazingly, "Slightly All The Time"! I believe it is "BBC Radio 1 live in concert". Great bootleg, though! This period is overlooked alot, sadly.