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Live at the Strata Concert Gallery Detroit, February 20, 1973


Anonymous said...

hey I just discovered your excellent blog, and then discovered this concert from the classic 'sextant' line-up; (
I have sextant and crossings on vinyl and they are the first albums I'd pull out of my house if there was a fire.) My mind was blowing in concentric circles but then the high was destroyed when I realised that Shareonall is closed now.

So any chance of a re-up somewhere else?

pretty please? :)

peskypesky said...

thank you so much for the herbie concert.

donector said...

great concert from mwandishi band!, however the last song is CUT, do you still have it complete? thanks

troods said...

From this Herbie fan - much thanks for your hard work and generosity. I appreciate it so much. Can't wait until it downloads so I'm practicing patience and meditating!! Be well.