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Jimmy Giuffre with Paul Bley and Steve Swallow live in Graz, October 27, 1961

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Anonymous said...

Thank you very much. I have some of the other recordings of this trio. The older recording I have found very interesting. Then, the two CD set I paid 30 some bucks for was all Jimmy and not much of the other two. And very slow. So, I was not too happy. This one here sounds very interesting and everyone contributes.

I would be glad to share the others with you, I am not sure how, etc. hmmm, I have been a taker not a giver, maybe you have a suggestion, no, something clean.
that was supposed to be humor. I know these blogs don't get much of that. I do not really get all the fuss some make. Listen or not and share an iterest.

I sent one e-mail recently. I read some musicians take on do not download cause . . . he did have a comment for each of the common reasons for sharing. Only note is, who does he think he is. Some guy who plays clubs here and there and he and his band put out a CD and then know one buys it and he thinks if a few people did not download he would make extra money. Who is gonna pay for stuff from people they do not know. Listen to one sample does not tell much about an instrumental band.

I e-mailed one a few months ago. Said I had listened to thier music where can I buy the CD. No reply. But then they complain when we share. go figure.

Well, I am sure Pual Bley does not mind. Hey, if folks like this they might go and buy the other stuff.


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well, so I add some local color, colour, aaaa.