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Live at the Lyceum, London, October 5, 1969


Anonymous said...

Fantastic show from the Soft Machine trio days !!!! Oh my God ! With an amazing Facelift version ! Waaooo ! 55 minutes of pure genius. Nobody has ever play with that crazy keyboards sound again. OK, the only bad point is the recording sound quality, an average audience recording. Well, never mind, it's still a killer. Thanxxx !!! Keep on Elastic Rocking !

Anonymous said...

Yeah really fantastic, such a pleasure to hear this trio line-up, it must be shortly after Brian Hopper quit the band.

Highly interesting for me is the passage in track 2 from 3:50 to end (4:49), this is a link, which I first heard on the Amougies (Oct 1969) 29 min-extract, this loungy, groovy intro/link into Eamon Andrews, which I never could track down on any of the Soft recordings, but here it’s just an impression to hear it from Mike’s organ and Hohner Clavinet. At Amougies this link into Eamon is fully played some weeks later with the Septet, really wonderful (about 1:30 long), but I’m wondering, what it is, are there any other recordings, anybody knows something about it outside?

Also great is here at Lyceum Robert’s drumwork! And yes the sound quality isn’t that good, but I can image as I sometimes visit the Lyceum, the sound is adequate to this location with this delay on the drumsound for instance.

I‘m really looking for especially two other concerts, which must be around, maybe you folks at ER can do us this favour: their first appearance as a trio w/Hugh Hopper at the Royal Albert Hall 2-Feb-1969 they play support for Hendix, and the concert at the Country Club 13-April-1969. Furthermore maybe some other recordings emerge from this period Oct/Nov 1969, which aren’t released till now.
Thanx really a lot for giving us this great recordings.

Anonymous said...

Well, I don't know much about this groovy link, but there have been so many Soft Machine new live recordings around these last few years that I'm a little bit lost.
Anyway, the 1969 trio days probably remain my favorite, mainly because you can really hear Mike Ratledge's fantastic keyboards.
Beside the Royal Albert Hall 69, there seems to be another trio recording : Paris Bataclan 25/06/1969. Tracks list :
Moon In June Introduction / Facelift / Moon In June / Clarence In Wonderland / Mousetrap / Noisette / Backwards / Mousetrap (Reprise) / Hibou, Anemone And Bear.
It's supposed to be part of a 3 CD set called The Same Night (with London Lyceum 69 and Royal Albert Hall 18/02/69). Facelift in June 69 ! I wish I could find it one of these days...
Thanks again. Cheeeeeers !

Anonymous said...

Hi radiolux,
yes yes yes, for me 1969 with this amazing trio is the best period of The Soft Machine. I saw them firstly in Cologne 1970 w/Elton Dean, this was great, and the recording of this concert is just emerged!
But the trio playing their 2nd album w/Ratledge’s marvelous organ and Wyatt’s fine drumming is excellent/overwhelming, so I wish I could here more. The CD The Same Night I saw at http://www.fareast-records.jp/db/title.cgi/A1124, but I didn’t get a contact, I think they will not export, any idea to get it? It’s a 2CD. This would be great. May be the 2 concerts from 1969 (Royal Albert Hall and Bataclan) came around here, I don't have access to torrents etc.
Best Roger

Anonymous said...

The Same Night CD seem to say that the 3 concerts are about the same sound quality (fair audience recording). Well, I Don't know how to get it... I'm not into Torrents either, but I guess somebody around surrely is and will post one of those mysterian trio recordings one of these days. I've never seen Soft machine on stage, but, I've seen Keith Tippett, Elton Dean, Hugh Hopper and Joe Gallivan together in a very small parisian club. It was back in 1976, I guess. Anyway, the very fascinating point about the Soft Machine 1969 trio, beside the quality of the music, is that it was the missing link between the psychedelic pop Machine, and the electric jazz Machine. Before the release of the Amsterdam album, I guess very few people could imagine how they sounded like in 1969, and how great it was. Cheers.